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Encore Credit Card Processing Review

Encore Credit Card Processing Review


Encore credit card processing is offered by Encore Payment Solutions, which is a member of the same family as Prodigy Payment Solutions and Momentum Payment Solutions. If you’ve read our reviews of those organizations you can probably guess what’s coming, and if not we’re going to warn you now, it isn’t good.


Encore doesn’t have pros so much as it has adequacies. They do offer credit card, debit card, and EBT transaction processing, as well as other credit card processing solutions, including internet credit card processing options. Encore is an easy credit card processing choice if you just don’t want to look elsewhere.

Encore Credit Card Processing Review


The list of cons is almost absurdly long. Encore doesn’t come close to offering the best credit card processing fees. Our research efforts couldn’t find any instances of them offering interchange-plus pricing, which is much better for merchants than flat rate. There were a number of complaints about iPad credit card processing, as well as their sales tactics and customer support efforts. Moreover, there were complaints found on a number of websites reporting ripoffs or scams, so this business may be straddling the border between legal and illegal. They offer 4 year non-cancelable leases on equipment, and don’t offer any kind of POS equipment sales. Moreover, their POS equipment is proprietary, so you’ll need to get your support from them and only them while you have it, or risk paying for equipment you can’t or won’t use. Encore also has a higher than average early termination fee, around $500, along with numerous complaints about undisclosed fees.

All of this leads to the biggest problem with Encore: the salesforce. Reps seem to be trained, or at least choose to, focus on blowing through the terms until merchants agree, only for merchants to find out later that they have substantial, undisclosed fees.


Don’t use Encore, look to another credit card processing provider.